Final Exam - Mather:kunst

I guess this one falls in between the classifications of books and zines. A good friend of mine, Hyland Mather, made this for the BLOOOM art fair in Cologne 2010 as a small give away for visitors. It’s a small envelop, 16x11 cm, that holds eight individual cards. It’s a final exam that people have to complete.

The questions in the exam are fun and quirky at least, and the best thing is that there are no wrong answers. All in all the ideal final exam!

On the back of the cards, featured artists show their work, amongst them Buff Monster, Evan Hecox, Amanda Marie, Rafa Jenn and more. Which ties in nicely with all other projects from Mather:kunst. Ranging from everything to do with exhibitions to running the Battalion store. And also connected to Penelope Craft, while we’re keeping it in the Mather family.

Author: Hyland Mather
Publisher: Self-published