Chris Ware - Mono.kultur #30


I’ve only recently got into the great comic artist that is Chris Ware. I don’t know why it has taken me so long. But ‘Building Stories’ was the first one that i picked up. I’ve seen his work around before, but somehow never got around to registering it and picking it up. When i picked up my copy of ‘Building Stories’ in a store in Berlin, i also picked up a copy of the Mono.kultur magazine. From what i can tell each issue focuses on one person only. This issue was all about Chris Ware. Because the whole issue is about one person, your actually able to get a lot more in depth into the person. The interview is light without avoiding big questions.

imageAt one point Ware talks about telling stories to his daughter and how he sees this as an integral and essential part of parenting. Me becoming a father in not too long makes me look forward to that. Making up stories as i go along and having that interaction with my kid. It will probably take a few years before we get that far though.

imageMy favorite quote of the interview is as following: “I’ve said this before, but i think adulthood has definitely lost track of itself in the past few decades in America. When it’s acceptable adult behavior to get tattoos, wear sleeveless T-shirts and listen to death metal, then something seems very wrong to me.”

imageThe magazine is A5 format, and has a sort of booksleeve as a cover. With on the inside of this book sleeve sketches from Chris Ware (as soon above). But also has a fold out page that includes more examples of Chris Ware works taken from his books and comics. It’s a perfect publication to highlight Chris Ware’s books and his work. You can still order it from the online store, and only costs 6 euro’s.

Author: Urs Bellerman
Publisher: Mono.kultur